Monday, December 7, 2009

A Message From the Committee

Dear Classmates,

In past years, reunions may have
been about "show and tell,"
but this time around, it's all about
"show up and share!"
All differences aside…

Whether you were rich or poor,
athlete or artist, an introvert or extrovert;
Whether you were maintaining a 4.0 or just sliding by;
Hanging with the "in-crowd" or living at the library…

Whether you're running a Fortune 500 company or just
punching the clock, retired or collecting unemployment;
Whether you're living large in luxury, getting by okay
or just flat out broke…

Whether you're still hot stuff, weathering well,
or aging beyond recognition;
Whether your shape is slight or ample, firm or fluffy;
Whether your hair is in abundance or a bit in absence…

Whether you're happily married (for the first,
second, or third time), or divorced;
Whether you're living single or with a significant other;
Whether you come with a date, or come alone…

Is our message clear yet?

There really is no excuse good enough to keep you
from attending your 40th class reunion.
We have been through so much together and possess
a shared history from the most sensitive time in our lives.
Through this we are linked for life.
Who could better understand where you are coming from?

– Class of ‘70 Reunion Committee
(author anonymous)

Pre Party Happenings!

Friday, July 16 • 5 PM

No Host Bar Happy Hour at
BUOY’S - End of Belmont Pier
(Appetizers included)

Come and share a quieter moment with
your old classmates as spouses are optional.

Let's Party!

Food, Folly & Friends

JULY 17, 2010

6201 E. Appian Way
Long Beach
(562) 598-9401
5 PM - 11 PM

California Casual

What we're hearing from past reunions is
that the sit down dinner is stuffy and boring.
So we've decided to have food stations with plenty
to choose from. Available 6:30PM - 9PM

NO HOST BAR - of course!

60-70s Music & Dancing

COST: $95 single / $180 couple
(Includes Alumni Memory Book
and Friday Night Happy Hour with Appetizers)

JUNIOR HIGH Memorabilia Boards
We’re planning on wall boards mounted with
memorabilia from Rogers, Jefferson, Hill and Stanford
Junior High Schools. It’ll be a blast to look at such early
photos of our grads, but it will also give those of us
who felt like we became a “little fish in a giant ocean”
once we entered our high school years a place to
mingle and meet up with those from our earlier years.
Please contact us at
if you have any photos you’d like to share.

Reservations & Registration

The Reservation Form for the 40th reunion was
mailed out in your Bruin Bulletin in February 2010.
If you didn't receive this Form please register with us
and we'll mail one to you.

Please note that when you "Register" on this site that is not
considered a reservation for the reunion. It is merely a way to
make sure that we have all of your correct information.
However, we'd still like you to Register... just click on this link:


There are many, very nice hotels to choose from in the downtown area of Long Beach... Hilton, Hyatt, Sheraton. However, the closest to the Yacht Club are these four – Seaport Marina being the closest (just a walk over the 2nd St. bridge but really old). The nicest of these will be the very new (2008) Hampton Inn & Suites – They are offering a discount, just mention Wilson.

2401 Seal Beach Blvd.
Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 594-3939

6400 E. Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 434-8451

6285 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 430-0585

600 Marina Drive
Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 493-7501

Meet Your Committee

Bradley Blasdel, Robyn Gasper (Hogan) & Debi Roper (Jensen)

Front Row L-R:
Rita Overholser (Harwood), Vicki Jensen (Newcomer)
Back Row L-R:
Linda Lethin, Patti Gehrke* (Plunkett),
Bob Armstrong
*Our committee worked under the direction, expertise, and
inspiration of Patti Gehrke, Class of '68,
who helped us get this reunion up and running.
Hats off to Patti!

Dezelle Collier
& Nancy Jones

(Left to Right)

Linda Lethin, Nancy Seal (Pryor) , Debi Roper (Jensen)

Patti Gehrke ('68), Dawn Thompson (Fargas)

Bob Armstrong, Rita Overholser (Harwood), Nancy Jones,

Bob Carson, Denny Keller, John Kunkle

Not Pictured:
Ed Ewald, Brad Blasdel, Eddie Benavidez, Joli Ewing (Beal),

Rick Becker, Kris Biedenharn-Ressel,

John Halbert, Joyce Kielb (Holmes),

Deborah Klein, Doris Kupfer (Downard), Susie Markham (Purcell),

Ronda Myers (Fowles), Marsha Northington (Bianchi),

Josiah Poppler, Jericho Poppler (Bartlow), Larry Poteet,

Rick Rawlins, Patricia Reynolds, Thomas Sagehorn,

Debi Solomon, (Felsenthal), Rick Squire, Brian Straight,

Mark Sweet, Richard Zucker, Mary O'Brien (Benavidez),

Marilyn Masuda (Sagehorn)

40th Reunion Attendance List

This will change daily
as reservations come in.

Aalbu, Selyne (aka Josie)
Abernathy, Alyson Vreeland & Jon
Aldrich, Susan
Allee, Renee Story
Appleton, Leslie Young
Armstrong, Bob & Cindy
Bachmann, Erich (Ric) & Mona
Baer, Richard
Becker, Rick
Biedenharn, Kris Biedenharn-Ressel
Birnie, Gregory "Scott" & Kerri
Bjerke, Luther
Blair, Peter & Donna
Blasdel, Bradley & Debby
Bowden, Thurston & Debbie Nessen
Breres, Tina Koufodontis & Chris
Brover, Richard
Brown, Daniel
Browne, Todd
Burke, Marsha
Campbell, Donna Sires
Carroll, Alexis Casazza
Carson, Bob
Cartwright, Susan
Cecil, Sally & Charlie Stapp
Chadwick, Carol Lee
Chapin, Chris McArdle
Collins, Lawrence "Chip" & Lori Selzer
Cook, Berkeley & Barbara
Coy, Debbie Wong
Crawley, Christine Newman & Joseph
Crlenica, Stephanie Carter - Millikan Grad/Hill Jr High
Danny, David
Dare, Jim & Jean
DeGolia, Van Dyke
Desmond, Claire Desmond-Ward & Steve
Dirner, Carol
Ditzler, Cass
Doherty, Rob
Eastman, Nancy Schwartz
Eien, Charles
Ewald, Ed
Ewing, Joli Beal & Ross
Fasnacht, Lynn & Sallie
Fike, Gary & Pamela
Foreman, Michael
Gagnon, Judith Riopelle
Gallant, Gene & Donna (Foster) Gallant
Gasper, Robyn Hogan & Dana
Gillett, Donald & Stacy
Gossman, Sarah Beaman & Duane
Green, Peggy Zachariou & Greek
Gruneisen, Bob (Teacher)
Hardesty, John
Haskell, Steve
Hill, Richard & Jenee
Hitchcock, William "Skich"
Hutchins, Joe & Charlene
Ince, Sandra
Jackson, Kurt & Nancy
James, Tim & Linda
Jensen, Vicki Newcomer & Guest
Jones, Nancy
Jurgensen, Ron & Kathy
Kadvany, John & Susan Gillman
Keller, Denise Reyes
Keller, Ruth
Kelly, Candace Hodge & Mike
Kenyon, Kristy
Kielb, Ellyn Park
Kielb, Joyce Holmes
Kirkpatrick, Gary
Klein, Deborah
Koons, K. Glenn & Katy (Teacher)
Kubecka, Carolyn
Kunkle, John & Debbie
Kupfer, Doris
LaBlanc, Wayne & Kathy
Lake, Jean
Larkin, Lamount
Larr, Doug
Legeman, John & Mary (Clapp) Legeman
Lethin, Linda & Terry Martin
Lewis, Christine
Lind, Joan Van Blom & John
Litzinger, James & Candy
Locks, Amy
Lott, David & Denise
Lyons, Lewis (Stephen) & Terri
MacKay, Coquette McShane & Jim
Mamelli, Randy
Mancinelli, Dorene Cain & Judd
Marcum, Sue Purcell & Larry
Masuda, Marilyn Sagehorn & Robert
McKernie, Mary Anne
McSwain, Debra & Patty
Merrill, Kelly
Meyer, Laurie Hartstein & Jim
Montague, Debi
Montooth, Gerald & Judy
Moore, Janifer Moose & Ray
Moriarty, Nancy
Mosko, Tim
Mulligan, Jill Lineberger & Chuck
Northington, Marsha Bianchi
O'Brian, Christina Jackson
Olander, Susan
Oster, Barbara Craft & Thomas
Overholser, Rita Harwood & Steve
Pappone, Jeri
Pardew, Donald
Parkes, Rolf & Leslie
Perkins, Jerry
Pierce, Kenneth & Mary (Struett) Pierce
Popovich, George & Patty
Poppler, Jericho Bartlow & Greg
Poppler, Josiah
Preston, Susie Maxson & Larry
Pryor, Dave
Poteet, Larry & Debra
Rawlins, Rick & Lucy
Renning, Pattie Hall
Riddick, Joe & Mary (Teacher)
Roper, Debra Jensen
Roth, Theresa Bond
Rowland, "Skip" & Lorna (Teacher)
Ruiz, James & Amelia
Sagehorn, Tom
Salta, Christine Basile
Schleimer, Robert
Scott, Chris & Lisa
Seal, Nancy Pryor
Sewell, Ed & Glenda (Teacher)
Shoden, Daniel & Lisa
Shuker, Robert
Singer, Genevieve Douglass-Beckham & Ron
Smith, Bill
Smith, Dale
Solomon, Debi Felsenthal & Dan
Squire, Rick
Stone, Carol Foster
Straight, Brian
Sussman, Carol
Sweet, Mark & Lisa
Taylor, Meredith Heggie & Robert
Terheggen, Billy & Mary Beth
Thivridge, Lela DeGolia
Thompson, Barbee Halbert & John
Thompson, Dawn Fargas
Topoleski, Teresa Stanley
Turner, Robbin & John
Underhill, Nan McLain
Uribe, Mary Meneley & Victor
VanDyke, Bonnie Blackie & Robert
Voelker, Mildred (Kathy) Christiansen
Ware, Rick & guest
Webb, Kathleen Fowler
Weed, Gretchen Ernsdorf
Wells, Patty Thompson & Rob Thompson
Wight, Kathi Wight-Butt & Karen
Wilcox, Marylynn Eipper & Mike
Wilhelm, Bob & Teri
Williams, William (Bill)
Woolverton, Linda & Denise Greninger
Wortman, Sharron Williams & Debbie Harris
Yankie, Bill & Pam
Zimmer, Randi Gibson
Zippert, mark & Carol
Zucker, Richard